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Meet Our Colour Experts

Amy Jackson

Actress. Advocate. Public Speaker.

Amy Jackson, born in Liverpool, has gone from being the lead in over 15 Bollywood films to a rising Hollywood star, playing Imra Ardeen in Warner Brothers production of DC Comics’ Supergirl.

Aside from acting, Amy dedicates her time as an ambassador and spokesperson for charities such as Women’s United Nations for The Sneha Sargar Orphanage, The Elephant Family, PETA, Cash & Rocket and St Judes Children’s Hospice.

“Colour is so important to everyday life and has a genuine impact on our emotions. I’m proud to be part of OPPO’s Colour Counsel, encouraging everyone to embrace more colourful lives. I can personally relate to this from playing different roles in my life, from being a mum, actress, public speaker and animal rights advocate. I loved shooting this collection at my house, and having spent so much time at home in the last year, I’ve tried to add touches of colour to promote positivity, from the vibrant décor in my home, to the clothes I wear.”

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